Top score for 8th-graders in U.S. math contest

1st-place national for 8th-graders in Continental Math League contest
1st-place national for 8th-graders in Continental Math League contest

Bay Middle School’s eighth-grade Continental Math League (CML) team ranked first out of 84 school teams from across the nation. The team scored a cumulative 180/180.

In addition, sixth-grader Jack Chalmers, and eighth-graders Adri Pirinelli, Reed Clark and Patrick Lehane, were recognized as individual national leaders, each scoring a cumulative 36/36, in the CML program.

In addition, the fifth-grade team placed fifth our of 156 teams (score 171/180). The sixth-grade team placed 20th out of 117 teams (score 162/180). And the seventh-grade team placced 55th out of 84 teams (score 106/180).

Participating students meet five times during the school year to individually tackle problem-solving and math challenges. Bay Middle School competed in the more difficult Pythagorean Division, reflecting above-average reading comprehension and analytical reasoning, as well as computational skills appropriate to the grade level. The top five student scores are added together to form the grade-level score for each meet. That score is ranked against other schools across the country so that students are competing as a team, as well as individually.

Math teacher Lauren Hill coordinates the CML program at Bay Middle School. “The students are excited to give up their free time to take part in this competition," she said. "This program allows students to challenge themselves and really see what they can do in terms of problem solving. I really admire their perseverance in being winners."

Pictured from left: Front row - Teacher Mrs. Hill, Despoina Staurulatis, Brynn Chalmers, Renee Duffy, PJ Sobczak, and Jack Oster. Back row - Adam Ward, Addison Meaux, Adri Pirinelli, Anna Mayer, Elise Kelley, Patrick Lehane, Adam Tenerowicz, Andy Mold. Not pictured are Owen Ballog, Frank Bird, Reed Clark, Miya DeBolt, Emma Morton, Rachel Ploenzke, Iain Ray, Jackson Schelzig, Norah Schlegel, Georgia Rice and Tessa Wunder.
Continental Math League 2019

Continental Math League First Place individuals
Individual First Place winners in the U.S. from left:
Adri Pirinelli, Reed Clark, Jack Chalmers and Patrick Lehane.