THANK YOU STUDENTS, STAFF, PARENTS: YOU raked more than 150 homes of elderly and disabled Bay residents. It is a wonderful way to give back to our community! Special thanks to the coordinator, 7th-grade Town Council advisor Mr. Fitchpatrick, and to the Dwyer Senior Center for collecting requests from qualifying residents.
Rakeout 2019

Ohio Representative Dave Greenspan spoke to Bay Middle School eighth-graders today about the kinds of things he works on representing District 16. One thing he described was his work on the Ohio Anti-Bullying and Hazing Act. He described hazing — it is like bullying (which middle school students understand), but in a formal and organized way, sometimes practiced by college fraternities. The bill is meant to help protect victims of bullies and also to get help for the bully.
Rep Greenspan 

NO West Oakland Avenue drop-off or pick-up for students!
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New BMS drop off patterns


Four Bay Middle School student artists have had their stunning designs melded into their school's architecture in "wall wraps." Congratulations Charlotte Forsythe, Faith Beatty, Nikki Hartman and Muriel Bourn on your designs being selected by staff and peers for this honor. The project was led by art teacher Wendy Fortunato and funded by our Bay Middle School PTA. Thank you all! Watch the video slideshow to explore the art!

CML Top Indv  Top U.S. winners in Continental Math League!

Bay Middle School’s eighth-grade Continental Math League (CML) team ranked first out of 84 school teams from across the nation. The team scored a cumulative 180/180. In addition, sixth-grader Jack Chalmers, and eighth-graders Adri Pirinelli, Reed Clark and Patrick Lehane, were recognized as individual national leaders, each scoring a cumulative 36/36, in the CML program. Read more.

 Poster Contest 2019 Drug/Alcohol/Tobacco Poster Contest
Bay Village Kiwanis have once again honored the winners of the Bay Middle School Drug Education & Awareness Poster Contest. Seventh- and eighth-grade students recently completed a drug awareness education program and were invited to submit hand-made posters to the contest. Read more in the Westlake Bay Village Observer at:

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1st-place national for 8th-graders in Continental Math League contest
1st-place national for 8th-graders in Continental Math League contest
Another first-place score for BMS in Continental Math League competition. ...
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 Principal Aaron Ereditario
Principal Aaron Ereditario

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